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Hayden Lloyd

Director (MNO)

Senior member of the permanent consulting team who provides training and assistance to consultants helping to develop their skillsets.

Hayden joined Edward Mann during the early years of the company’s conception and has been instrumental in helping it to achieve the national and international reach that it has today. After university, Hayden was looking for a recruitment role that would provide training from industry-knowledgeable mentors and allow him to progress quickly. Fast forward a few years, and Hayden is now a Director and takes great pride in helping junior colleagues invest in their future in recruitment. He is meticulously organised, has a clear plan for every single day and aspires to learn and help others learn on the job and achieve targets for year on growth.

Hayden is most known around the office as the resident foodie and can recommend the best restaurants, bars and eateries around London when asked – and sometimes unasked! He supports Liverpool, loves travel, cooking and cheesy recruitment jokes, this one always achieves a collective groan around the office:

Interviewer: “How well do you perform under pressure?”

Candidate: “Not bad, but I do a great Bohemian Rhapsody”